K&C Wood was started in the basement of it's original owner. After 19 years, they were joined by it's current owner, Mark Call. As the business grew and opportunity presented itself, the business was moved into a local warehousing district. After a few years operating in this location, the owners decided to move into it's current location at 620 E. 9th St in Ashland, OH  where it has been since 2008. The original owners later decided to do something different and the company is now fully owned by Mark.


K&C Wood is a small company with only 6 full time employees. We are aided by a professional cabinet builder who builds off-site when needed. All our products are totally made within our premises and we can boast “ALL AMERICAN MADE” without apology.


Our goal is to make the highest quality furniture possible while maintaining our prices at a level that is both reasonable and profitable. To do that, we have shopped the prices of all our materials and feel that we have developed a good working relationship with all our suppliers.  


We are particularly sensitive to the needs of our customers. If at any time, our customers have issues with anything that we have manufactured, we will correct the problem at whatever cost.

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