We have multiple options for you to get your order.


1. Obviously you are more than welcome to come to our shop to pick it up yourself if that is convenient for you. If you so choose, please let us know so that we may arrange a convenient time for both of us.


2. We are more then happy deliver the products to you. We do charge a nominal charge for this service. If you choose for us to deliver, please understand that we must fill a truck prior to being able to deliver. Sometimes, that will delay the delivery but it is the only way we can maintain your cost of delivery. We will do our best to expedite this service.


If you fall outside of our delivery radius and wish for us to deliver, we will have to discuss the details. 


If you desire, we are more than willing to ship your order via UPS or common carrier. Our charge for this service is only what it costs us to ship your order.

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